Compass Learning Classroom Heroes | Classroom Hero – Angela Michanicou

Angela Michanicou

4th Grade Teacher

Glen Oak Community Learning Center

Peoria Public Schools District 150

Peoria, Illinois

Nominated By: Glen Oak Community Learning Center Interventionist, Shanica Davis



Located in inner-city Peoria, Illinois, Glen Oak Community Learning Center had been a low performing, high poverty school, according to the State Report Card. More than half of the 3rd through 6th grade students failed to make “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) as outlined by the state of Illinois. Many of the students have limited access to technology at home.


Fourth grade math teacher Mrs. Michanicou has been utilizing CompassLearning Odyssey as an instructional tool for three years. She engages her students in daily whole group instruction through Compass Learning and uses the classroom’s Smartboard to access Odyssey lessons at her students’ levels. During the 2012-2013 school year, Mrs. Michanicou logged onto the system using her whole group student account a total of 132 times (more than 72 hours). “This is profound, considering there were only 180 school days,” emphasizes nominator Davis.


Mrs. Michanicou’s students spent a total of 44,877 minutes in the system and completed 3,072 activities with an average score of 82 percent. Mrs. Michanicou strategically chose lessons and activities that were aligned to the Common Core State Standards. As a result, her students were able to improve their “mean” Reading NWEA by 14.2 RIT points and “mean” Math NWEA by 10.5 RIT points. For this most recent school year, Glen Oak Community Learning Center made Adequately Yearly Progress.


Davis, the campus interventionist whose role it is to help guide instruction and facilitate professional development activities, continuously communicated with teachers, notifying them of student progress and providing Odyssey student utilization reports weekly. Teachers were trained on building assignments, running Odyssey reports, and utilizing Odyssey to improve students’ math and reading skills. Further, Davis and the school’s administrators developed an Odyssey Learning rotating schedule for classes within classrooms, as well as the mini-lab. Teachers were also trained on how to implement Odyssey effectively during small group and whole group instruction.


“Mrs. Michanicou proactively sought assistance with how best to utilize CompassLearning Odyssey,” explains Davis. “She participated in all professional development opportunities and diligently worked to implement the program with fidelity.
“Compass Learning definitely played a role in our school’s ability to meet Adequate Yearly Progress this year,” concludes Davis. “The activities are engaging, focused, and rigorous. Students are able to work at their pace and academic levels.”