Compass Learning Classroom Heroes | Classroom Hero – Eric Oestreich

Eric Oestreich

Business Technology Instructor

Legacy Middle School

Orange County Public Schools

Orlando, Florida

Nominated By: Toni Kubousek, Compass Learning Implementation Manager

East Orlando’s Legacy Middle School serves approximately 840 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Some 75 percent of the student population receives free or reduced lunch, qualifying Legacy as a Title 1 school. Students struggle with low success rates, and consequently, the school has a high dropout rate.


“Three years ago, I was trained on CompassLearning Odyssey® to help struggling students in core subject areas,” says Classroom Hero Oestreich. “Our Assistant Principal, Dr. Kimberly Marlow, made this training happen for many instructors here at Legacy Middle School, so we could help our students succeed.


“With Dr. Marlow’s guidance, we developed a syllabus, Compass Learning contract, and note taking worksheets for students to use in conjunction with the CompassLearning Odyssey programs they were assigned. We encouraged our students to take good notes as they worked through their Odyssey lessons. As an incentive, we gave them points for keeping their portfolios up-to-date, as well as for taking good detailed notes on their Compass Learning material. As we moved forward with our Compass Learning plan, we found the students were very receptive to using the portfolios along with the Odyssey platform.


“We have experienced great success at Legacy Middle School with Compass Learning,” continues Oestreich. “Over the past two years, I’ve taught summer school at Legacy using Compass software along with our developed protocols and I am proud to say that we have achieved almost a 100 percent recovery rate with our students. I have seen first-hand how well the students engage with CompassLearning Odyssey; they enjoy the graphics, as well as how the material is presented.”


Oestreich attributes students’ success to the quality professional development and support he and the teaching staff have received, thanks to Dr. Marlow.


“A 100 percent pass rate is astounding!” concludes nominator and Compass Learning Implementation Manager Toni Kubousek. “Mr. Oestreich has gone above and beyond to provide every opportunity for students to be successful. I believe the note taking and portfolio incentives are genius. They not only allow, but encourage students to analyze, deepen, and apply their learning.”