Compass Learning Classroom Heroes | Classroom Hero – Jan Veillon
Classroom Hero Jan Veillon

Jan Veillon

Librarian and Technology Lab Teacher

Chataignier Elementary School

Evangeline Parish School District

Chataignier, Louisiana


Chataignier Elementary School has been using CompassLearning Odyssey for about two years. As the Librarian and Technology Lab Teacher, Ms. Veillon sees about 250 K-8 students each day. She oversees them as they practice the same skills they’re learning from their classroom teachers. Many students rotate classes and can work cross-curriculum, finding all they need in one place: CompassLearning Odyssey.


“It was a great day for Evangeline Parish students when CompassLearning Odyssey was purchased for our parish!” says Veillon. “Odyssey has been a wonderful tool to coordinate classroom learning with other school-wide programs like Computer classes, Intervention, and Resource. I love the fact that many teachers send to the lab individual messages to the students about their work or what they need to focus on during their computer practice time.


Students in Jan Veillon's class use CompassLearning Odyssey.

Students in Jan Veillon’s class use CompassLearning Odyssey.


“One of my favorite experiences with Odyssey is when a 6th grade teacher came to me and expressed her thanks for my ‘pre-teaching her vocabulary words.’ I was thrilled, but had to confess that I didn’t know what she was referring to. When questioning the student about her pre-knowledge of the words and definitions, the student told us she’d learned the words from a CompassLearning Odyssey lesson. The student’s typical performance was only average, but she received an above average grade on her weekly classroom test.”


“The success we have seen using CompassLearning Odyssey is largely due to our administrator’s belief in the product,” says Veillon. “Our Principal Ms. Peggy (Edwards) has been more than supportive in the time she’s allotted time for usage, as well as her support of teachers continuing to update and add skills as needed.


“I am very excited when students will give up their recess time to come to the library and work on Odyssey. The marriage of skill building with exciting activities is a win-win situation. I am very envious of today’s students who have CompassLearning Odyssey to teach and re-teach difficult skills. I do believe I would have been a better student if I’d have had the product as a child.”